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Frequently Asked Questions

Manhattan is known for its many iconic landmarks and attractions, such as Broadway, the financial district of Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Central Park, the United Nations headquarters, and various cultural and educational institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It is best to navigate the city via public transportation; renting a car is not necessary, Times Square is a popular attraction but it is not recommended to eat there; it's best to avoid chain restaurants and instead try the local pizza, bagels, and egg sandwiches. Tipping is expected and New Yorker's are not as rude as they are portrayed.

It's essential to be polite and walk quickly while in the city, and avoid blocking the flow of foot traffic by stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. It is also important to ask permission before taking pictures of anyone, not to stare, and to be mindful of where you're going. Additionally, when ordering food, it is best to do so clearly and quickly, and it is best to avoid engaging with those appearing unstable or erratic on the street.


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